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Collisions and bad driving

When to exchange details

You must stop and exchange details with everyone involved when:
  • someone is injured 
  • their vehicle or property is damaged 
  • an animal is injured. 

Damage only collisions 

You don't need to inform us of damage-only collisions. Instead tell your insurance company. If they need a copy of a police report they’ll contact us directly.

Insurance companies are experienced at considering who was at fault so a decision on compensation can be made.

We do not deal with civil matters or claims. 

When to contact us 

If you didn’t exchange details, you must report the incident to us (whether or not the collision was your fault) within 24 hours. You can report the incident online, call us on 101 or visit a police station.

If someone is injured, you need to inform us within 30 days. 

Our role when we attend a collision is to:
  • keep people safe
  • get the road open 
  • conduct an investigation appropriate to the circumstances and the seriousness of the incident

When do we attend?

We’ll attend the scene of a collision if: 
  • someone is injured 
  • the road is completely blocked 
  • there’s a hazard putting people at risk
  • someone is being threatening to others
  • there’s a suspicion of drug use, alcohol use or dangerous driving

Serious collisions

In collisions where someone has died or someone suffers life-threatening or life-changing injuries, it will be investigated by our specialist officers.

Their findings are normally submitted to Crown Prosecution Service lawyers who decide whether someone should be prosecuted. 

Report bad driving

If you make an allegation of bad driving, you'll need to be prepared to go to court and give evidence.

Courts will rarely accept one driver’s word against another without supporting evidence, such as:
  • Two or more independent witnesses
  • A witness who is able to produce video evidence
You can report bad driving online or call us on 101 (waiting times vary).
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