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Speeding and points

Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership manage speed cameras on Kent roads. 

If you've been caught on camera speeding, using a mobile telephone while driving or not wearing a seat belt while driving, we'll be notified.

To find out camera locations, what to do if you've received a speeding ticket and for more information about speed awareness courses visit Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership.
  • If you receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution
    You're required by law to tell us whether it was you driving or someone else. If it was somebody else you must provide their details.   

    If you don't tell us it’s likely you’ll be summonsed to court and if found guilty fined up to £1,000 and given 6 penalty points. 

    If you do get back to us you may be given the opportunity to attend a speed awareness course instead of a fine and penalty points.  

    If you’re not offered a course or choose not to accept one, you’ll have to pay a fixed penalty fine and receive 3 points on your licence.

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