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Courier fraud

Courier fraud is when criminals call and trick you into giving your bank cards and PINs to a courier on your doorstep.

What to do if you're a victim

  • If you've handed over any personal bank details to the fraudster, call your bank and cancel your cards immediately.
  • If you want to call your bank, do it from another phone (a trusted neighbour or friend if you don't have a second phone).
Report Fraud Online  (NEW SERVICE) if: 
  • You know who the suspect is and their address is in Kent.
  • Items or goods are to be delivered to a known suspect address in Kent.
  • There is CCTV of the incident that clearly identifies the suspect.
  • You (or the victim) describe yourself as vulnerable.
You can also call us on 101 if you don't have access to a computer or smartphone.

In all other circumstances, to report fraud (online fraud and related internet crime) and receive a crime reference number contact Action Fraud or call 0300 123 2040.

Protect yourself against courier fraud: remember

  • The police or your bank; 
    • will never send a courier to your home to collect your bank card or other items
    • will never ask for cash, valuables, or your PIN
  • If you receive one of these calls end it immediately without providing information.
  • If you wish to call your bank use a number known to you, not one provided by the caller. Call from another phone, or call a friend first to ensure the offenders have been disconnected from your line. 
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