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Mobile phone theft

Smartphones are often targeted as they’re expensive and can be passed on quickly. 

Security marking them can both deter thieves and help us return it to you if you lose it or it’s stolen. 

Include information that will identify you as the owner (such as your postcode and house number) and choose a place that isn’t handled much (like underneath your phone case or the battery).

‘Locate my phone’ apps and features are available on most smartphones and should be activated. If you’re reporting your phone as stolen, check where it last ‘pinged’ on the app and let us know.

Be smart about your smartphone 

When you’re out and about try not to leave your phone on the table when there are a lot of people around. A slight distraction could lead to someone taking it.

It’s always best to keep it in a closed pocket, especially when out at night. 

Have you registered your phone?

Always register your phone with your network operator as soon as you get it – even if it’s them who have sent it to you. 

You should also register it on, a free and secure national database police that police can use to locate you if they find your phone. 

More top tips

  • Find out your IMEI number (a 15 digit serial number) and keep it safe - type *#06# into your phone and your IMEI number will appear. 
  • Always use your phone's security lock and the 'erase data after failed passcode attempts' option.
  • If your phone is stolen report it to your network operator who can cancel it quickly, in the same way as a stolen credit card.
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