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Employer Supported Policing

Special Constables are volunteer police officers who perform a crucial role in fighting crime and increasing public safety and confidence.

By combining their skills and experiences with the training on offer, Special Constables provide a tangible link between the community and the police.

Benefits to you and your employees

Having staff members who are Special Constables can help your business become more involved with your local community.

It can also help by:
  • increasing your employees' abilities - Special Constables learn new skills during their training that can be transferred to the workplace such as communication, conflict management, confidence, time-management, leadership and assertiveness skills
  • demonstrating your commitment to making a difference in the local community
  • allowing you to support local events.

How can your business help?

Your business can become part of the Employer Supported Policing (ESP) scheme, which gives you the opportunity to support the Special Constabulary through a number of different options.

The scheme enables an effective partnership between employers, their staff and the police and can support individuals who wish to volunteer time for the benefit of Kent communities. 

Kent Police's own Employer Supported Policing Scheme is for members of our own staff who wish to become Special Constables.

For example, we provide eight hours of paid leave per month, with a minimum of eight hours to be committed by the individual in his or her own time.

Employer supported policing provides employees with access to the full training and skills set needed to become a Special Constable.

Ways you can help

Below are just four of the ways your business can get involved in the scheme.
These options are flexible and can be altered to suit your needs.

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