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Burglar who dragged fruit machine out of Deal pub is jailed

Burglar who dragged fruit machine out of Deal pub is jailed
A fruit machine was dragged through the back door of a Deal pub as the burglar was caught red-handed by police.
On Wednesday 2 January 2019 Richard Holdsworth broke into the Sir Norman Wisdom Pub in Queen Street, Deal during the early hours, which activated the bar’s intruder alarm.
Kent Police officers attended where they found a black Ford transit van parked in front of the gates at the rear of the pub with its doors wide open. They spotted the 51-year-old thief carrying something to the vehicle. He placed the item inside and as he closed the back door of the van he saw the officers.
Holdsworth, who had a hammer in his hand, jumped into the driver’s seat in an attempt to get away but was detained by officers and arrested on suspicion of burglary.
The window at the back of the pub had been smashed and the fire doors were open. A fruit machine was laying on the ground outside and the money tray was missing. It was found inside the van, containing around £50, along with the hammer that Holdsworth had been holding.

Guilty plea

Holdsworth of Honfleur Road in Sandwich pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to two years in prison at Canterbury Crown Court on Wednesday 4 September 2019.
Investigating officer, PC Zoe Rice, said: ‘Thanks to the quick work from officers, Holdsworth was caught red-handed and promptly arrested for his crime but not before he cost the business more than £1000 in damages.
‘Crimes like these will not be tolerated and thankfully Holdsworth has been imprisoned for his actions.’

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